Preconception counselling

The information below is for all patients who are eligible for preconception support (all women aged 16-44). This campaign allows a woman who might be considering pregnancy in the future, to have the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy.

General advice for women planning on pregnancy in the future:

  • If you smoke, then you can seek advice from One You Walsall (details below) to help quit. See this NHS website for details about why it is so important to stop smoking.
  • If you are over your ideal weight, you can seek help from One You Walsall who will advise about healthy eating and exercise. You can check if your weight is within the normal range on this website.
  • If you are diabetic, you should seek a review by the diabetes team at the practice if you are planning on a pregnancy (using eConsult through our practice website). This is due to potential complications to the baby if your diabetes is not very tightly controlled.
  • The importance of vitamin D and folic acid supplements are highlighted in this website.
  • If you need any mind health advice, there are links on our website.
  • The latest guidance about alcohol is discussed on this website.

One you Walsall

Tel: 01922 444044 (Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm)


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